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Packing Supplies for Vancouver Residents

Packing Boxes and Bubble Wrap

No matter the size of the move, packing is a chore. Packing boxes can be time-consuming and arduous.  Whether you’re a company moving offices or a homeowner moving to your new residence, you’ll be packing supplies. General Store-All has all types of packing supplies and bubble wrap to help you make your transition easier and safer for your items. We are a one stop shop for all your packing supply needs. While we have a wide variety of storage units available, we also help supply you with moving items. Call or stop by today to speak with our friendly and helpful staff. We have years of experience of helping people and companies alike in choosing the proper size storage units and packing supplies.

More Than Just Boxes

As you begin to form a strategy on your packing and moving project, you’ll quickly realize you need a lot more than just cardboard boxes. Packing supplies include tools to keep your items safe during transit. You’ll also need to mark boxes for organization and efficiency. You’ll need packaging tape to close the boxes as well. If you’re moving heavy couches, tables, or mirrors, furniture pads help reduce the risk of scratching or damage while you’re moving. While we sell a multitude of sizes of moving boxes, we have you covered for everything else as well. We take pride in being your all-encompassing shop for your moving supplies. At our Vancouver location, you’ll find additional moving supplies, such as:

  • Various sizes of moving boxes
  • Furniture pads
  • Markers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape
  • Labels
  • Packing peanuts
  • And more!

Helpful Packing Tips

No move ever goes 100% according to plan. And that’s OK! As long as you have the right supplies and attitude, you’re already on your way. While some treat packing and moving as an art form, there are always new tips and tricks to learn to make your life easier. Following these steps can make the difference between a painless move and an exhausting nightmare. Protect your possessions and ease the stress of moving.

Label your boxes

It’s good practice to break up your packing by room. But sometimes, that’s not always enough. Your kitchen will have plenty of appliances, stemware, flatware, cutlery, and more. Instead of just labelling your kitchen boxes with the name of the room, label them with specific items. This will make your job easier to unpack and organize it at your new place. Additionally, it’ll help you pack them in the moving truck as you know how much each box weighs and where are you can stack it. Finally, nobody wants to search the 20 boxes to find one item they need after packing it prematurely. Labelling your boxes alleviates this frustration. You’ll be surprised at how many items you have; staying organized will immediately relieve some stress.

Keep Small Items in Bags

During transit, smaller items like screws, hardware, and other disassembled furniture become lost very quickly. When breaking down items with small hardware, place them in sandwich bags and tape them to the furniture or store them in a secure place where you’ll be sure to remember them. This makes setting up your new location easier.

Use the Right Size Boxes

This is an important one. Making sure you use the right size box is imperative to stacking and the preservation of your items. Using one oversized box sounds nice for all of your plates and bowls, but that quickly becomes too heavy to move safely. As always, our team is here to help you with any questions and can provide recommendations to help ease your move.

Don’t Leave Empty Space in Boxes

Along with the previous tip, leaving empty spaces in your boxes can result in items shifting and taking damage. It’s also wasting space. When you pack your boxes, try to organize them in a way that they do not become lopsided or shift around while the truck is in motion.

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