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Large Storage Space Units in Vancouver, BC


General Store-All Offers Large Storage Unit Rental

Whether you’re a homeowner or running a business, you may have extra items and supplies without space to put them. General Store-All in Vancouver has large storage units for rent to help. As you grow your family or company, you’ll accumulate new items and merchandise along the way. Self-storage units are the perfect solution for temporarily storing extra items you don’t need to immediately access. We have many large storage units of varying sizes to help you. For short or long term mini storage rental, give us a call. Learn more about how large storage spaces can benefit you. When you’re ready to declutter your space, give us a call. We’ll explain our process and our availability.

Benefits of Large Storage Units

Large storage units are affordable ways to store excess items. If you are a business, they are significantly cheaper than renting or leasing a warehouse for your merchandise. If you’re a smaller company that can benefit from not having a full warehouse, this can be a decision that saves you on overhead. Additionally, our storage units don’t require a long contract. As business and storage needs change, you won’t be stuck with either too much or not enough space. Feel free to cancel or upgrade without worrying about obligations to pay lengthy contract fees.

We’re here to help your transition go smoothly without interrupting business. Never worry about being locked into a long-term commitment. Our storage units scale with your business. In today’s economy, it’s all about how much platforms can scale. And we want to help you reduce your overhead costs with convenient, affordable storage solutions. Whether you need storage space to manage your inventory or you’re just dealing with disorganized clutter, we can help.

Why Choose General Store-All?

At General Store-All, we keep our prices fair and very competitive. Our building is temperature controlled, very clean, and safe. Our staff are helpful and knowledgeable experts who can help you figure out how much storage you need. Additionally, we conduct routine cleanings and check to make sure everybody’s storage units are clean and secure. We pride ourselves on being clean and reliable.

Reserve Your Space Today

Start taking advantage of our great deals for our larger storage units! If you have a lot of inventory for your business, we’re significantly cheaper than warehouses. If you’re between homes and need a place to store your furniture and appliances, we’re the perfect solution. Our large storage units come in different sizes and are easily accessible to drop off your items without having to haul them long distances. We have enough space to store entire houses’ worth of items, including entire bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and more. Don’t settle on expensive storage options that are out of your way. Visit us today and chat with our team. We’ll find the perfect space for you and your items and allow you to save while storing and decluttering your home.

Why Choose Us

  • Dependable Service
  • Affordable Rates
  • High Quality Packaging Material
  • Easy and Convenient Access
  • Reliable and Secure Storage Facility
  • Temperature Controlled Storage Environment