How To Determine What Size Self Storage Unit You Will Need

How To Determine What Size Self Storage Unit You Will Need

Self-storage units are an excellent solution for people who need extra space to store their belongings. Whether you’re downsizing, moving, decluttering, or have outgrown your existing space, self-storage can be an effective solution. However, one of the most challenging aspects of using self-storage is determining what size unit you will need. Don't fret, because General Store-All in Vancouver is here to help you choose the perfect size storage unit for your needs. Reach out with questions today!

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Inventory Your Storage Items

Firstly, take inventory of all your items that you intend to store in the storage unit and categorize them into groups based on their size, weight, and fragility. Doing so helps you have an accurate idea of how much space will be required and what type of storage solution will work best.

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Measure Your Items

Secondly, measure your bigger items, such as furniture, appliances, pianos, or oversized electronics. This step can help you make informed decisions regarding the amount of floor space your items can eat up. Additionally, measuring large items in advance can help you avoid falling into the trap of underestimating the unit size you will need.

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Think About Stacking

Thirdly, think vertically and optimize the use of the storage unit’s height. Do you have the flexibility to stack items vertically to save on floor space? Are there items that you can repack into smaller boxes? Utilizing vertical space can help you save on the overall length of the unit you will need.

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Consider Access

Fourthly, consider the frequency of access. If you plan on accessing your storage unit frequently, you might want to consider leaving aisles in-between stacks of items for easy access. Similarly, if you intend to store large items which will require frequent trips or if you are unsure how often you will need to visit your storage space, it is best to opt for a slightly larger unit.


Our Vancouver self-storage facility understands the dilemma in choosing the perfect size storage unit for your needs. Our team is happy to help you make an informed choice. Give our local South Vancouver storage facility a call today!

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