Downsizing Your Office? Mini Storage At General Store-All Can Help!

Downsizing Your Office? Mini Storage At General Store-All Can Help!

Are you considering downsizing your office space? If so, you might be wondering what to do with all the extra furniture, equipment, and documents. That's where a storage facility like General Store-All can come to the rescue. Here are four reasons why using our storage facility in Vancouver can help you downsize your office. Contact us today.

Office coworkers packing up their office space

Space Optimization

When downsizing your office, it's important to utilize your remaining office space efficiently. By moving items that are not frequently used to our Vancouver storage facility, you can free up valuable space in your office for essential items. This allows you to maximize productivity and create a more organized and functional workspace.

Boxes with a calculator and paperwork on them

Cost Savings

Downsizing your office typically comes with cost savings. Renting a smaller office space can reduce your monthly overhead expenses. By using our storage facility for office storage, you can further cut costs by avoiding the need for a larger office space to accommodate unused items. Storage facilities are often more affordable than larger office spaces, allowing you to save money while still having convenient access to your stored belongings.

Office coworkers in a document storage area

Document Archiving

If you're downsizing your office, you may need to store years' worth of important documents and files. Our storage facility in Vancouver provides a secure and climate-controlled environment for document archiving. You can easily access your stored documents whenever needed without cluttering your limited office space.

Office furniture and boxes ready to move

Flexibility and Expansion

Despite downsizing your office, your business may still experience growth or seasonal fluctuations. Office storage offers the flexibility to adjust your storage needs as per your business requirements. Whether you need additional space for seasonal inventory or you want to downsize further, a storage facility can easily accommodate those changes.


Downsizing your office can be a strategic move to optimize space and reduce costs. Utilizing a storage facility, such as General Store-All, can provide the perfect solution for storing extra items, archiving documents, and maintaining flexibility in your business operations. Consider using our Vancouver storage facility to streamline your downsizing process and create a more efficient and cost-effective office space. Call today!

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