4 Office Storage Solutions To Help You Make The Most Of Your Space

4 Office Storage Solutions To Help You Make The Most Of Your Space

Are you struggling to find storage space in your office? Having a cluttered workspace can cause stress and decrease employee productivity, so it's important to have an organizational system in place to utilize your space effectively. General Store-All Mini Storage is a Vancouver area storage facility that offers a wonderful variety of storage solutions for individuals and local businesses. Here are four office storage solutions that will help you make the most of your space and office storage. Contact us today!

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office shelving

Shelving Units

If you're limited on floor space, installing bespoke shelving units is an effective solution to declutter and organize the office. Wall-mounted shelves can help you store paperwork, books, and other office essentials vertically, giving you more floor space to move freely. For unused office equipment such as desktop computers, monitors, and keyboards that you might want to keep for any future reference, you can store them on the high shelves as they won't be frequently accessed.

filing cabinet

File Cabinets

Paperwork can easily consume desk space and contribute to a cluttered environment. Invest in file cabinets as office storage to manage paperwork and other small items. File cabinets come in various sizes and features such as locking mechanisms for security purposes.

rolling storage unit

Rolling Storage Carts

If you're dealing with seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, rolling storage carts are an excellent choice. These carts can be easily wheeled out of sight when not in use during off seasons. Stack up items that you don't require access to immediately on these utility carts and move them aside to make room for day-to-day work.

mini storage unit

Mini Storage Units

If you are looking for an office storage solution that is 100% out of your way, consider our mini storage units from our local storage facility. You'll love the affordable prices, the ability to rent the perfect size storage for your needs, and our personalized service. Call today!


General Store-All Mini Storage offers the best self storage units in and around Vancouver. We offer climate-controlled storage units, mini storage spaces, student storage, and more. Call to learn more about our office storage today!

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