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Storage Lockers in Vancouver, BC

What are Storage Lockers?

At some point, many people require a little extra space for their items. Whether you’re moving, between homes, or have acquired something that doesn’t fit in your space, a storage locker can be the perfect solution. At General Store-All, we have a wide variety of storage lockers for your convenience. They offer safe and secure places to store your extra items without them cluttering up your home or office. When you need to store smaller items, lockers are great and affordable way to keep your space clean and tidy. Lockers are more affordable and practical than full storage spaces for smaller items. Check out our storage unit page for more information on sizing and availability. For more information on lockers, call or visit us today!

Why choose us?

The storage lockers at General Store-All are temperature controlled for your items’ protection. They’re perfect for storing small household goods, commercial goods, office equipment, and more. We keep our facility clean, well-maintained, and most importantly – safe. You have easy access to your locker on the main floor for your convenience. We also have second-level lockers if you have lighter items and want more economical storage. Because they’re on the second floor, they’re more affordable. This is a perfect solution for storing office supplies that don’t require much space. They’re also great for holiday decorations and seasonal items you won’t need to access very often. Save space at home and money with our locker storage options.

About General Store-All mini storage

When you reserve your storage locker at General Store-All, you can expect a clean and well-maintained storage facility. Our staff routinely cleans our facility, ensuring that things are clean.

Nobody has better storage prices in Vancouver and then we have!

Rent Your Storage Locker Today

We almost always have availability for storage lockers in varying sizes. If you have items taking up space in your home or office, and need a simple and affordable place to store them hassle-free, give us a call or stop by today! Are you not sure what size or type of locker to rent? No problem! Our helpful staff is always here to help you decide on a size. We are experts in storage and can give you a good estimate on the space you need depending on what your storage requirements are.

Why Choose Us

  • Dependable Service
  • Affordable Rates
  • High Quality Packaging Material
  • Easy and Convenient Access
  • Reliable and Secure Storage Facility
  • Temperature Controlled Storage Environment